2 Jan 2021 12:21 PM | Sandi Ballard (Administrator)

Yes, Happy Friggn New Year, right?

WOW. Well, at the beginning of 2020, my goals were SOLID! A stretch for me, but considering we had just moved to California 3 months earlier, I was ready to hit the ground running!

I started networking, meeting people, enjoying the amazing beaches and weather (ok yes it does get chillier than we thought here, but THE SUNSHINE keeps Tad from being Mr. Grumpy-butt in January and February, and the warmer weather keeps me from being a total BITCH from November-April! LOL!

As I set my 2021 goals and my Word of the Year, I reviewed my goals. I did meet some, and, well really did live by my 2020 Word: Elevate. But I will say, I was in a very low place much of 2020. I too was on the worse ROLLER COASTER ride I've ever experienced. I felt like I was failing as a Coach, because I was losing my energy by not being around - IN PERSON - people. As an extrovert, I feed off of the energy of others, and if the room is low, I can bring it up!

I learned to DO MY BEST and that's how I coached all year. Encouraging people to do the same. I helped people ELEVATE their energy as best I could. 

2020. A year full of emotion. A year where the whole world literally fell apart, then came closer together. A year where shit went sideways and miracles happened all in the same day.

2020. A year we never want to speak of again. Yet, it has taught us all so much.

2020. A year where even the strongest dropped to their knees. A year, where even I said, "I NEED to be encouraged so I can be encouraging", and many days my "expert advice" was "DO YOUR BEST!".

Don't forget to download your WORD of the YEAR worksheet!

I smiled as I reviewed my goals and saw how I lived by my WORD. No, I didn't get anywhere near achieving all of my goals. But some amazing things happened. THIS website for one! I do hope you find it easier to have everything in one place - the events, the courses, coaching info, tips, podcasts and well, as I get my shit together for 2021, the BADASS Speaker Series, webinars and workshops will happen!

HERE ARE MY HIGHLIGHTS and my unachieved, so you can see that SHIT HAPPENED, but, I'm not giving up.

  1. Rebrand! New logo, brand and website
  2. TABOO! Tribe - Created the new platform and took it GLOBAL! Yes, did you realize that? (And yes, the membership option)
  3. Get paid to speak! Yep virtually but hell yes I did!
  4. Joined a gym - but it's been closed more than open lol
  5. Get B&B up and running in Cali! Yes, started, stopped and re-started in November
  6. Get involved in Community - I joined the Chamber, it's not been the greatest, but I've met some amazing people out here and so I've started this.


  1. Reduce Debt - well, that didn't happen
  2. Healthier & Stronger &Run a half-marathon - nope. Ribs, Sciatica then knee surgery
  3. Launch Business at the Beach - well, I'm here, but no one could really travel. It's on the books for 2021!
  4. Explore Cali - we did get to a few hiking spots, Yosemite and Big Bear, but not like we "thought"!
  5. 4th book - I dusted off what I have started, but really focused on the rebrand, new coaching platform and staying sane. It's coming though, and will be more appropriate as it's titled "Leverage". Very fitting after this year.



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