ONLINE COURSE - 7-Steps to a Finished Business Plan!

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REGULAR PRICE: $599 FOR FULL DETAILS AND TO GAIN ACCESS: The Step-by-Step Process to Completing a Business Plan – You're probably asking WHY do I even NEED a business plan? Well, because everything you have IN YOUR HEAD, in notebooks and file folders, looks different when it's in an organized format! I've used a smaller version of this for many of my clients who had been in business for years, but were ready to DIG DEEPER, PIVOT, get to that next level. And they all said the same thing: "I never realized how much crap I kept in my head!" "This looks so different on paper!" "I didn't understand the importance and the impact a business plan would have on me AND my business!" This course includes: • A complete business plan divided into modules • Video introductions and overviews for each module • My personally created worksheets I use with all of my clients • Spreadsheets from my contacts at SCORE® • Access to ME, the Coach You are gaining access to everything I’ve used with ALL of my start up clients in a “DIY” format – Including a complete Business Plan! Once you have completed this course, you will have: 1. A complete business plan 2. Your business structure set up properly 3. A plan with goals and action steps


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