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This journey began many years ago when long-time friends and colleagues, Tifney and Sandi attended a "women's only" event. Not only was the food bad (boxed lunch with no concern about allergies only ASSumptions), but it turned into a male-bashing event. Conversations began... we need something BETTER. DIFFERENT. With GOOD food, conversation and the ability to make connections. Fast-forward to 2014 when another one of Sandi's "Bitchez", Savilla, and her attended yet another "women's only" event and the featured speaker wore a shirt that said FEMINIST. Ok... I'll listen. It was a shit show. Together, with our brunette Bitch, Mel, the Tribe was complete, and the TABOO! Tribe was born. 

We have regular monthly "VIRTUAL" Events called B!tchez & Booze, quarterly TABOO! Tribe lunches with a panel discussion, as well as - in the works - yearly Conferences, workshops and MORE webinars!

WHY call it TABOO! Well, because in this group, we talk about things that are "TABOO" to discuss in public, or even with family and friends. Yes, women have gotten better over the years of having those uncomfortable conversations, but we have created a community where it is OK to discuss and ask for help with anything. Really. Try us out!

The TABOO! Tribe Luncheon, which is truly "NOT Your TYPICAL Luncheon!" is a quarterly* panel discussion, held in Indianapolis, IN

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This is our monthly VIRTUAL and in-person event where we tout that, "Your Personal and Professional-Self Meet"!

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We're planning BADASS things like:

Webinars and Workshops

UN-Conference (yep)

Badasses and Beaches

Everything this Tribe does and stands for includes helping each other grow, asking for help, and having the conversations all women should have... but don't! There is NOTHING TABOO! in this Tribe!

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TABOO! Tribe Events

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