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Sandi is a seasoned DiSC® certified business coach, speaker, and team building facilitator and has been an entrepreneur for 30 years.

She is a sought-after speaker and has presented at conferences and events across the United States, sharing her insights on leadership, communication and personal and professional development.

If you are looking for a speaker, team building or yearly event facilitator, contact Sandi! Her energetic and interactive style keeps people engaged and provides them with key take-a-ways and easily implementable tip.

What Are You Looking For?
In addition to her coaching and speaking work, Sandi is also a published author. Her book “From There to Here” has helped many people realize that it’s never too late to achieve a goal! Her subsequent books build off each other and continue to help the reader grow both personally and professionally.


Sandi is available to speak at conferences, corporate events, and seminars on a range of topics, including leadership, communication, team building, and personal development. 

With almost 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and over 10 years as a coach, speaker and trainer, Sandi has the expertise to engage and inspire any audience. Her speaking style is energetic, interactive, and tailored to meet the specific needs of your event.

Team Building

Sandi's team-building workshops are designed to create a positive, productive, and cohesive team culture. She utilizes the DiSC® assessment tool to help team members understand their unique communication styles, strengths, and potential areas for growth. 

Sandi provides a safe and supportive environment where team members can learn from each other, build trust, and improve collaboration. And, give back to the community!

Disc® Training
Sandi's utilizes the DiSC® assessment tool to help businesses, no matter what size, learn to communicate more effectively. She presents the results in many interactive formats, and always includes opportunities for everyone to understand their unique communication styles, strengths, and areas for growth. 

She'll can continue to work with you and your team to be able to coach others to be more productive.

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