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  • 20 Apr 2021 3:44 PM | Sandi Ballard (Administrator)

    Great article on underutilized leaders. As a DiSC® Certified business coach, I also help owners identify good leaders, even if they aren't the ones "speaking up" in the meetings! I also work with that "introvert" to help them be more assertive, and lead in different ways!

    Read more here:

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  • 21 Jan 2021 10:21 AM | Sandi Ballard (Administrator)

    Hey whoever is reading this!

    Yes, my guess is you've noticed the new year is here, so were you prepared or were you hiding under the covers waiting to see if the world was going to end? [Maybe a little of both?!]

    Well, it's here and so you are. NOW ARE YOU READY? Well, we all need a little nudge, motivation, guidance [aka kick in the ass] occasionally!

    I'd love to hear from you as to what has helped you get going this year, or what you NEED help with! Comment here!

    I'm always looking for things to discuss, ideas to share in my podcasts, and right here!



  • 2 Jan 2021 12:21 PM | Sandi Ballard (Administrator)

    Yes, Happy Friggn New Year, right?

    WOW. Well, at the beginning of 2020, my goals were SOLID! A stretch for me, but considering we had just moved to California 3 months earlier, I was ready to hit the ground running!

    I started networking, meeting people, enjoying the amazing beaches and weather (ok yes it does get chillier than we thought here, but THE SUNSHINE keeps Tad from being Mr. Grumpy-butt in January and February, and the warmer weather keeps me from being a total BITCH from November-April! LOL!

    As I set my 2021 goals and my Word of the Year, I reviewed my goals. I did meet some, and, well really did live by my 2020 Word: Elevate. But I will say, I was in a very low place much of 2020. I too was on the worse ROLLER COASTER ride I've ever experienced. I felt like I was failing as a Coach, because I was losing my energy by not being around - IN PERSON - people. As an extrovert, I feed off of the energy of others, and if the room is low, I can bring it up!

    I learned to DO MY BEST and that's how I coached all year. Encouraging people to do the same. I helped people ELEVATE their energy as best I could. 

    2020. A year full of emotion. A year where the whole world literally fell apart, then came closer together. A year where shit went sideways and miracles happened all in the same day.

    2020. A year we never want to speak of again. Yet, it has taught us all so much.

    2020. A year where even the strongest dropped to their knees. A year, where even I said, "I NEED to be encouraged so I can be encouraging", and many days my "expert advice" was "DO YOUR BEST!".

    Don't forget to download your WORD of the YEAR worksheet!

    I smiled as I reviewed my goals and saw how I lived by my WORD. No, I didn't get anywhere near achieving all of my goals. But some amazing things happened. THIS website for one! I do hope you find it easier to have everything in one place - the events, the courses, coaching info, tips, podcasts and well, as I get my shit together for 2021, the BADASS Speaker Series, webinars and workshops will happen!

    HERE ARE MY HIGHLIGHTS and my unachieved, so you can see that SHIT HAPPENED, but, I'm not giving up.

    1. Rebrand! New logo, brand and website
    2. TABOO! Tribe - Created the new platform and took it GLOBAL! Yes, did you realize that? (And yes, the membership option)
    3. Get paid to speak! Yep virtually but hell yes I did!
    4. Joined a gym - but it's been closed more than open lol
    5. Get B&B up and running in Cali! Yes, started, stopped and re-started in November
    6. Get involved in Community - I joined the Chamber, it's not been the greatest, but I've met some amazing people out here and so I've started this.


    1. Reduce Debt - well, that didn't happen
    2. Healthier & Stronger &Run a half-marathon - nope. Ribs, Sciatica then knee surgery
    3. Launch Business at the Beach - well, I'm here, but no one could really travel. It's on the books for 2021!
    4. Explore Cali - we did get to a few hiking spots, Yosemite and Big Bear, but not like we "thought"!
    5. 4th book - I dusted off what I have started, but really focused on the rebrand, new coaching platform and staying sane. It's coming though, and will be more appropriate as it's titled "Leverage". Very fitting after this year.


  • 24 Nov 2020 1:10 PM | Sandi Ballard (Administrator)


    We all need help with something. I don't care who you are!

    I needed help last week! I didn't ask. But, what I need the most help with wasn't something anyone could help with.

    How'd I recover... get back on-track? I PRIORITIZED my days. I had a sheet that said:

    WEDS: And I listed my top 3 priorities and then other "things" I would like to do.

    THURS... Top 3 things to prep for meetings, followed by other "things" and also leaving time for additional items or "shit left over"... which happened!

    So, by FRIDAY - well, I did the ONE thing that had to get accomplished, and then I went back to my previous days to see what I could catch up on.

    2020: The Year of Continuous Catch-Up Mode


    1. Prioritize each day

    2. At the end of each day - see if anything has become a NEW priority

    3. Every Friday mid-day - evaluate your week, RE-prioritize and finish up what you can and prepare for next week.

  • 31 Aug 2020 5:03 PM | Sandi Ballard (Administrator)


    Welcome back to my weekly podcast No More Excuses. Thank you for listening and sharing this podcast with others! And, connect with me on social media PLEASE!

    Click on each name to connect if you haven't already! Instagram • Facebook • Twitter • LinkedIn

    I went there! Yep. I followed that rabbit in. But, I turned around and ran out! This week I tell on myself again. However, I did it to see who YOU are! I upgraded my Libsyn account to see more stats and BOOM! I saw that fuzzy cute rabbit called statistics and started following it down! 

    Like in last week's podcast - and all week on social media -  I talk about how it JUST TAKES ONE. One thing to get you off-track [and also just one thing to get you BACK on!] And, well, all it took was intrigue about WHO is listening!

    As easy as it was for me to go chasing those damn furry rabbits, as I mentioned, I turned around and ran out. It's like I tripped on a tree root and it stopped me. In this week's podcast, I talk about my "trigger" or "tool" that helped me "get out alive!"

    What about you? What has helped you? And... what was the RESULT? Yes, you'll have to listen in to know WTAF I am talking about! What I do know is, that because of the help of my "tool", I had time to be intentional, and I now know that I HAVE ONE LISTENER IN FIJI!! If you are that person... click here to email me now or message me on social media!

    And then make sure you're connected with me, as this week on social media as I will continue with stories and tips on how to STOP yourself. And, I'd love for you to share yours!

    Have a great rabbit-hole-free week!


  • 19 Aug 2020 5:17 PM | Sandi Ballard (Administrator)


    Welcome back to the weekly podcast, No More Excuses. Thank you for continuing to come back, listen and share this podcast with others! I'm continue to be amazed that people listen... after 228 weeks, I'm still here and so are YOU! So, thank you!

    Sheesh, last week I don't know if it was the moon or what, but I realized it wasn't just me STILL forgetting what day it is, and for me... what MONTH! LOL! Listen in as I did NOT edit out as I caught myself saying – and thinking it was the wrong month on many levels!

    I mean, the uncertainty, confusion and sometimes weird energy is still in the air. And in last week's podcast, I talked about leaning into new OPPORTUNITIES. Mainly I focused on for businesses with advertising. However, in my social media posts, I challenged you to do that for YOU as well. 

    One of last week's post, I shared a quote: "It is most often during the most challenging times where there is opportunity to redefine yourself." ~Shilagh Mirgain. 

    Many people have - personally and professionally. I've seen new logos, websites and offers since the panDAMNIT has begun (aka COVID), and I include myself in that. Some things were probably in the works already (like my online courses and others rebranding) and other things, came from the need.

    Did you "lean in" and try anything new? Advertise? Join a new Zoom group? (I had a new woman join the group last week - she was challenged by someone and she signed up for TWO!) It was tough for her to share personal things and to ask "strangers" for help. But she did it was kudos to her.

    What about you? Just because COVID sucks and some days it feels like EVERYTHING SUCKS, doesn't mean you can't lean in.

    So, in this week's podcast, yes, new year's are always a great time to set new goals, revisit your mission and VISION. Well, and 2020 - no pun intended - was the year for many people who were "supposed to", and now... we all NEED TO!

    Listen in this week, and then share here or email me the answer to this week's challenge.





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