Podcast #411: Are You Persistent or a Pain In the Ass?

Podcast #411: Are You Persistent or a Pain In the Ass?

Today I’m tackling a crucial aspect of success...
being persistent without being a pain in the ass!

Persistence is key to achieving your goals, but how do you do it without annoying everyone around you? Today, I cover actionable steps to make that call, send that email, text, or even mail a card—without crossing the line.

You need to understand the Balance!

The key is to be assertive but respectful. You need to communicate your determination without overstepping boundaries. 
In today's episode, I share examples of what's helped me! How my persistence landed me a very lucrative referral partner and AMAZING FRIEND, and some tips on verbiage when following-up that I've used and how it worked out! OH and the NEW TIP I found that I really do think is the true WINNER to the questions "WHEN" and HOW OFTEN" do I follow-up?

Persistence is a powerful tool, but it’s all about balance. By being polite, professional, and adding value, you can be persistent without being a pain in the ass. 

And being ghosted sucks! Not getting a YES, NO or GO F-OFF leaves you wondering what you did or said wrong, what changed, etc... but PERSISTENCE CAN PAY OFF! [And yes, even I've been ghosted!]

Click here to Listen in for your TIPS on how to be PERSISTENT without being a PAIN IN THE ASS, and then share:
1.  How do YOU follow-up. What's worked for you? 
2. Share a time when you KNOW you became a PAIN IN THE ASS! :-) 

Remember, every step you take, every call you make, and every email you send brings you closer to your goal.


No matter how your business is doing, there's always room to grow! And, sometimes, we're too close to the situation to see what's "really" going on.

No purchase required. No hard sales pitch afterward. Want more? THEN we'll talk!