Podcast #413: How Has Fear F#CKED You?
Welcome back to another episode of the No More Excuses podcast 

In these podcasts, I tell it like it is, give you tips, share stories and get you motivated to grow both personally and professionally and run your business like a BADASS!

In my last podcast I shared my story of how I failed to create a PLAN to achieve my goals. How I had my big A-ha moment and how I turned my WISHES into GOALS and got “From There to Here” … which happens to be the title of my first book!
And today, I want to share what I realized during my A-ha moment. I realized FEAR was what was holding me back!

Yes, me! The BADASS Business Coach™ was full of fear! In my book I share quite a few stories how fear had FUCKED me. 
During my "why me" phase, I asked myself, “Where did all this fear come from and how did I allow it to get its nails so deep into me? And why am I blaming others for my lack of achieving my goals?

And that’s the point of my first book… and the podcasts: to share where I was and how I worked through my own personal shit show and got my shit together!  It was time to set the fears aside. I had a great realization of who I have been and then it was time to decide who I wanted to become. 
The BADASS Business Coach™!
What about you?

Listen in as I share the 3 questions to ask yourself and then really dig into it! The WHAT and WHY of where you are today!

Ask yourself: If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, could you say you are happy and have no regrets?

Don't worry! I've been there. It happens. And it's NOT too late! Listen in and do the activity and email me what you discover!
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No matter how your business is doing, there's always room to grow! And, sometimes, we're too close to the situation to see what's "really" going on.

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