Podcast #405: Mid Q2: Time to Play BIGGER!

Today, we're diving into Q2 and how to kick things into high gear to make this year – and quarter – your most successful yet.
And yes, this is on the coattails of understanding how important a business plan is. If you have a plan, you probably – or SHOULD – have it in there to do progress checks! So… did you create yours? Or update an old one? 
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The second quarter—a time of renewal, growth, and opportunity. But how the hell do you make the most of it? Well, that's what we're here to find out. So, if you’re not driving, running, or riding your bike, grab a pen, strap in, and get ready to ramp things up like a badass.

Before we charge ahead into Q2, let's take a moment to reflect on Q1. Yes, AGAIN!
Because my guess it not many of you really DUG IN to what was going on, as the 2nd quarter tends to sneak up on people. 

Click here to Listen in today as I share tips on how to do a PROPER REVIEW, and then how to PLAY BIGGER without getting overwhelmed as well as how to hold yourself accountable so you can and will LEVEL-UP and PLAY BIGGER!

SHARE IN COMMENTS: What's your Q2 goal?
BADASS CHALLENGE: Take that goal and LEVEL UP! It's gotta make you a little uncomfortable, nervous and have to FOCUS to make it happen!

 Are you ready?

Until next time, Stay BADASS!

No matter how your business is doing, there's always room to grow! And, sometimes, we're too close to the situation to see what's "really" going on.

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