Podcast #409: Holy Shit, It's "Already" June!?
Welcome back to another episode of No More Excuses Podcast!

Today I'm hitting you with a bit of a wake-up call: say it with me: 
"Holy Shit... It's June!?"

I've done this as a talk a few times over the years, and well, that title was always taken in one of two ways!
Like the people at my talk, for some of you, this might be a moment of triumph, and for others, it might feel like a punch in the throat. 
Some of you may be CRUSHING IT, while others may be at the other end of the spectrum and wondering what the hell happened!
Either way, it's time to take stock, reassess, and push forward.

In today's podcast I share FIVE STEPS on how to do this, so get ready to take notes!

This is a bigger, more in-depth review of your goals, both personally and professionally as well as ways to set yourself up for success to KICKASS and finish the year STRONG AF!

You ready? You in?
  1. Revisit Your Goals
  2. Set Short-term Milestones
  3. Create a Schedule
  4. Accountability
  5. Reflect and Adjust
Simple, eh? OK! Now, listen in for more in-depth discussion and stories of clients of how this review process has helped them.

So, there you have it. Whether you're celebrating milestones or shaking off the dust, June is your wake-up call. There's no time like NOW to get back on track or to keep pushing forward. Remember, "No More Excuses."

You’ve got this!

No matter how your business is doing, there's always room to grow! And, sometimes, we're too close to the situation to see what's "really" going on.

No purchase required. No hard sales pitch afterward. Want more? THEN we'll talk!


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