Podcast #403: Welcome to Q2! Time to Spring Clean Some Shit!
Welcome back to another episode of "No More Excuses," where we tackle obstacles head-on and embrace the power of transformation.

Alright, Badasses, welcome to April 1st, the 2nd Quarter, and to me, the "REAL" start of Spring! So, I think today's the perfect time to talk Spring Cleaning.
Just as we clean out our homes to allow for breathing room and new beginnings, we can apply the same principles to our personal and professional lives.
Listen in because in today's episode, I am going to touch on THREE things you can do to "Spring Clean" both personally and professionally!
Today I'll share some stories of how I helped some clients and have a friend of mine who is a professional organizer, give her advice to help you declutter and get organized for what matters most in your world!

  1. Clean Out.
  2. Open up to the New.
  3. And Dust Off what's been sitting there.
AND... As always, listen for the BADASS CHALLENGE of the week and share your Spring Cleaning journey for a chance to win a free consultation with me to help you spring clean your goals! Share in the comments or email me: Sandi@SandiBallard.com

Let's embrace Spring Cleaning and make room for greatness! Until next time... Stay Badass!
Cheers! Sandi

No matter how your business is doing, there's always room to grow! And, sometimes, we're too close to the situation to see what's "really" going on.

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